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I am a recent Fine Art graduate of Hereford College of Arts after completing a HND in Fine Art last year at Newcastle- under- Lyme College. The majority of my work concentrates around the concept of Escape; both from the things that I want to escape from and what others wish to escape from. Some of my work concentrates on escaping from consumerism and large urban communities.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Escape Installation

The art that I produce is simply a method of conveying an opinion, focusing on no one medium to produce my work, but using what I feel works best to voice my opinion. I find a sense of intrigue in getting the viewer to interact with my work, in a sense the viewer becomes part of my work.

Escape is to break free of the restriction or control of a place or person. Everybody has the desire to escape from somebody, somewhere or something at some stage in their life; amongt other things I wish to Escape from large, over-crowded urban communitiesfull of consumerism; when I am in these communities I become overwhelmedwith a sense of frustration and paranoia. However there are often two sides to every story as when I am in these communities I sometimes feel as though I have become anonymous. In investigating the things in life which I endeavour to escape from, I have also considered what things others would wish to escape from as each human is different.

This installation is intended for the viewer to enter and it symbolises the two aspects of escape which I have become increasingly interested in: either to escape from the outside world, so that the installation becomes a comforting sanctuary or in a stark contrast, the viewer feels trapped in the dark abyss and feels the need to escape.

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